Most businesses today rely on their IT. As a result, Business Continuity Planning is a process that companies need to consider.

Keep running, even in a disaster.

Peace of mind

Permanently eliminate downtime.

Ask yourself the following questions…


  • What impact would the loss of data have on my business?
  • What impact would the loss of a given service have on my business?


Financially, the answers are usually not good. A solid business continuity plan can help you, and that's where Datto shines…

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datto business continuity partner



As one of the leading innovators in BC solutions, Datto provide hybrid cloud-based backup, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solutions to fit companies of all shapes and sizes. Datto devices offer near-instant local and off-site server virtualisation. This means your systems are protected against significant downtime and data loss, whether the issue is hardware related, geographical or environmental.

Datto SIRIS 2


Aimed at enterprise clients, the SIRIS 2 is the most comprehensive Business Continuity solution offered by Datto. Available in physical and virtual forms, SIRIS 2 is the choice when downtime is not an option.

Datto ALTO 2


At the opposite end of the market, the ALTO 2 is the ideal solution for small business that want to take Business Continuity seriously. The lack of capital expenditure makes the ALTO 2 the ideal device to provide maximum protection at the minimum of cost in the shortest timeframe possible.

Converged are an elite partner with Datto

Datto elite partner
carbonite business continuity solution converged

Carbonite Pro


Automatically and continuously protects business files and data in the cloud, simple to set up and manage on a single machine or across an entire organization.

Carbonite Server Backup


Software-based solution with hybrid backup and optional bare metal restore (BMR) for rapid recovery from data loss and significantly reduced downtime.

Advanced Pro Bundle


Provides cloud backup for an unlimited number of computers, external storage devices and physical or virtual servers.