What is Telephony?

At its most basic level, Voice over IP (VoIP) or IP Telephony uses your existing data network to carry your voice communications, allowing a single network to do everything for you. This extends to making and receiving telephone calls from outside your office, allowing your internet connection to be used as the carrier for voice or video calls.

How does it work?

IP Telephony devices convert a voice or visual signal into a digital signal which is then directed on to the recipient. Devices available for this can range from a traditional-style handset through to a telephone that exists solely as a program that runs on your computer.

In real-world terms, this means that your IP Telephony system uses your data network to communicate with telephones inside your office, while using more traditional methods to communicate with the world at large (such as regular analogue phone lines or ISDN). Additional internet-based telephone lines (known as SIP trunks) can carry calls to and from the office over your internet connection.

The Benefits of Telephony

Cost Benefits

An IP Telephony solution can bring significant cost benefits to your business, such as making telephone calls between your offices free, lowering the cost of outbound calls and line rental, and lowering the maintenance and/or installation costs of your office network.

Lower Cost of Expansion

Due to the data-based nature of an IP Telephony solution, an expansion of your solution can be quickly and easily done. Functions such as adding a new telephone extension, changing an existing extensions location and adding or removing new telephone lines are made simple.

Remote Workers

This functionality extends to moving or re-arranging your office. Simply take the components of your IP Telephony solution to its new location, plug in the devices and make a minimal change to the systems configuration and you are ready to go again!


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Converged Communication Solutions has extensive experience of installing and managing the Mitel 3300 Platform - both in single-site and multi-site environments.

Our consultants can guide you through the entire process of obtaining the Mitel 3300 Platform, from initial discussions during which your requirements are laid out, through design and deployment of your solution.

Ongoing support can be arranged, with Converged Communication Solutions taking as large a role in your day-to-day management of the telephone system as you require.