Thanks For Stopping By…

Thanks For Stopping By...

Converged would like to thank everyone who attended our screening of Spectre on Saturday night at the Belmont Cinema. As with any event, the support of those in attendance is crucial to it's success, and this was no different. I hope all of our guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Apart from celebrating our imminent 10 year anniversary and recent office move, there was a more important reason for the evening, which was to raise funds for CLAN. The proceeds of the evening, along with a contribution from Converged, totalled £1,000. Along with donations directly to our Just Giving page, the total raised for the event stands at £1,125.

If you were unable to donate on the evening, or are feeling particularly generous to what is a very worthwhile cause, you can still make a contribution via the aforementioned Just Giving page until the end of the month, which can be found here.

Once again, thanks for supporting this event.